We Must Catch UP - By Perdita Phillips

Free Event at The Farm Margaret River.

Imagine being able to climb a mountain for the sole purpose of catching up with a friend – out of your comfort zone perhaps but calm, isolated and with no distractions.

In October 2019 Australian artist, Perdita Phillips, will be presenting We must catch up, at The Farm Margaret River and you could do exactly that. 

For the sculpture, We must catch up, you can arrive with a friend and scale a 2.4 metre high mini-mountain.

For much of our lives we feel too busy to spend enough time with old friends. In the spirit of ‘slow art’, the mountain will be created for two friends (or strangers) to sit and talk over a cup of tea and catch up. The mountain is shaped like Bular Mial (Bluff Knoll), as a tribute to the unique ecological communities, and to the continuing cultural heritage of Stirling Range National Park.

 In an era when 1 in 4 Australians report feeling lonely each week, and 1 in 10 currently lack social support, it cannot be underestimated the importance of someone saying: How’s things? What are you up to now? What’s on your mind at the moment? Would you like to catch up for a chat on top of a mountain? It’s been sooooo long since we last talked!

Dr Perdita Phillips is an Australian artist whose practice revolves around environmental issues and social change. She has a wide-ranging and experimental conceptual practice that traverses and integrates art, science, walking, listening, human communities and nonhuman worlds. Some of the things that she has made include sound installations using outdoor recordings, books in collaboration with poets and writers, drawings and prints about rocks and birds and events for people to experience the world again and to perform acts of gratitude to ecosystems and others. These have included transferring good wishes between different Perth city wetlands, walking the hidden waterways of Albany or weeding a restored wetland.

Event Details

  • Opening night: Friday the 4th of October at 5pm, a walk to the sculpture for sunset.

  • Event starts Saturday the 5th - Sunday the 6th of October.

  • Running for 2 days only.

  • Rain, hail or shine.

  • Sunset viewing last spot for each day.

  • Welcomed to bring a picnic and drinks to share with your friend or loved one.