Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. How many artists are in residence during your sessions?
    We select one artist or a collaboration per residency. There may be other artists accessing the facilities at The Farm Margaret River during this period.  

  2. Who is the main point of contact?
    Enquiries related to the funded residency should be addressed to Artsource at, Sue Lyn (+61) 89335 8366 or The Farm Margaret River

  3. What is the time frame for the 2019 Residency?
    The residency will last for 4 -5 weeks (October – November 2019).

  4. What are the dates for the 2019 Residency?
    Dates convenient to the artist within October - November 2019

  5. Am I permitted to apply to more than one program?
    Artsource offers other residencies which you can apply for and The Farm offers self-funded residencies all year round (funded residencies offered once a year).

  6. I didn’t apply on time, is this the last chance to participate to this Residency?
    The residency is on-going, and we will call out for applications on an annual basis. The 2020 residency will be scheduled earlier in the year, dates to be advised. There are opportunities for projects on The Farm Margaret River throughout the year.

  7. What is the policy on international applicants, including language skills?
    We welcome international applicants. Please note that we are not able to provide any help with your visa application. Artsource are happy to prepare a formal letter of invitation and will provide whatever additional support information is requested of us. If you are planning to come from abroad for a residency, it is recommended that you start working on such arrangements early. Artists must have a good level of spoken English.

  8. Can two or more individuals apply to work on a collaborative project?
    Yes, collaboration is possible however the funding remains the same.

  9. What is the policy on spouses, partners or children?
    Yes, partners and children may accompany you, accommodation dependant.

  10. When will the selection process be completed?
    All artists will receive notification once applications are in.

  11. Is there a written agreement associated with the residency?
    Yes, you will be provided with a written residency agreement.

  12. What about meals?
    Meals are not included but cooking facilities are available.

  13. What is the policy on smoking?
    No smoking.

  14. What kinds of communications are available?
    Use of mobile phones is encouraged as there is no landline. Wi-Fi is available. Please note that reception can sometimes be difficult in rural, isolated areas.

  15. What kind of computer hardware, software and support will be available?
    If required, artists are encouraged to bring their own laptops/adaptors/ any other computer hardware.

  16. What kind of accommodation is provided?

    Comfortable light filled studio, bedroom with bathroom facilities.
    Artist studio with external bathroom.
    Environmentally conscious property

  17. Are the facilities and grounds wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, however there are restrictions in some areas.

  18. What is the weather like? What kind of clothing should I pack?
    October weather is mild with blue-sky days, cool winds and cold nights with temperatures around 19-21 degrees during the day and lower during the night. Spring season can irritate hay fever so be mindful of this in case you have allergies.

  19. What kind of clothing should I pack?
    Bring warm clothes, lightweight rain gear and boots are recommended. Don’t forget your swimwear, as The Farm is close to the famous Margaret River.

  20. Tell me about the Margaret River region?
    Margaret River is a small town south of Perth in Western Australia, known for its craft breweries, boutiques and surrounding wineries. Beaches and surf breaks line the nearby coast, whose waters host migratory whales (Jun–Nov). Stretching between 2 lighthouses north and south of the town, the long-distance walk, the Cape to Cape Track, fringes the limestone caves and sea cliffs of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. (Wikipedia).

  21. Is there a local Indigenous culture in the region?

    The Wadandi people are the traditional custodians of this region and we acknowledge and pay respect to these people.
    The Wadandi people have been forest & saltwater people and have lived by the six seasonal change in harmony with their environment. Evidence of their occupation in this area dates back over 50,000 years. These significant coastal areas are important to the local Wadandi people and their connection to land and sea through songs, stories, spirituality and Dreaming.

  22. What Agricultural practices take place on the farm ?
    The farm is used to grow crops, graze livestock specifically cows and sheep, and includes Joan and Cleo our two egg laying fowls. It is located in a traditional dairy farming area between Cowaramup and Margaret River. Now surrounded by smaller biodynamic holdings Fair Harvest and Burnside Bungalows

  23. Are there wild animals in the area that I might want to know about i.e. snakes and spiders?
    Insects and reptiles are found in the south west of WA, you will be briefed on the seasonal changes and the reptiles and insects active in those periods. Artists should be aware they will be in a country, farming environment where the boundaries between nature and humans converge.

  24. How do I get to The Farm from the airport, train or bus station and how do I get around during the Residency?
    Transport to the property will be arranged upon arrival and we will discuss transportation whilst in residency with each artist. Margaret River is located 274 km from Perth, Western Australia. The Farm is 11 kilometres from Margaret River and can be accessed by car or bike. International artists need to be aware that they will require an international driver licence to be able to drive in Australia.

  25. What kind of studio facilities are provided?
    Art studio facilities are simple: specific needs will be discussed on a case by case basis. The Gallery is an open plan space that the artist can use to both work within and to exhibit in. Artists will need to supply their own materials.

  26. Are there any specific acts or attitudes that would generate a termination of the residency?
    The Farm Margaret River doesn’t allow alcohol or drug abuse, the sale or trafficking in illegal substances, prolonged absences without prior notification or the breaking of laws or regulations.

  27. Are there any social or public events planned?
    Community connections are encouraged and will be assisted by The Farm Margaret River. There may be an opportunity that a public viewing or a community event/public talk be part of the residency.

  28. Is it OK to ship materials to you in advance of my arrival and back again at the end of the residency?

  29. What is expected of me when I am at the studio?
    We hope you will use this time to further your practise and explore the unique environs of the south west of Western Australia.

  30. Does Artsource ask for feedback?
    Yes, we do ask you to write a reflection piece on your experience that will be published on our website and shared within our network. You might also be asked upon availability to do an artist talk in collaboration with Artsource.

  31. Who owns the intellectual property of residency results and projects?
    The intellectual property of the artwork(s) will remain with the artist, however the Farm Margaret River will become owners of any permanent artwork realised on site.

  32. Do I need to have my own personal insurance?
    Yes, it is necessary that you have personal insurance.
    You can access insurance through an Artsource membership.  

  33. What if I am scheduled for a residency and have to cancel?
    Please consider wisely your choice to apply for the Residency. Check that all your personal, financial, professional and visa-related affairs are reasonably in order before you commit. If an unexpected emergency arises that makes attendance impossible, please let us know immediately.