Early on, a series of daily ‘getting to know you’ exercises were introduced as small rituals to support and track my embodiment in and of place. These consisted of: drawing the sky each morning upon waking; walking the surrounding paddocks and forests; working with materials found in-situ, both man-made (old plywood, rusted artefacts, used drop sheets, etc.) and those foraged from the natural world (charcoal and ash from local bush fires, Marri sap, Balga resin, etc.). These exercises led to contemplations on the breath – both the breath of the human body and the collective breath of an ecology. Breathing offers a potent illustration of how, in a physiological sense, we become the places we breathe in.

Kate Alida Mullen
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Kate Alida Mullen


Kate Alida Mullen is a West Australian-born artist, curator and writer currently undertaking doctoral research on deep listening practices as modes of navigating colonised space. In addition to ongoing art and curatorial practices, Mullen is engaged in arts-based consultancy work Australia-wide with arts organisations working in close partnership with communities, particularly remote Aboriginal communities. Underpinning Mullen’s diverse projects is an interest in the capacity of art to bring about embodied states of engagement with place and support natural healing processes.